Wednesday, November 12

A Little Praise Is Needed!

Have I mentioned how much I believe God is good?! He continues to pour out His love and grace on us and I am just so thankful!
Today Brandon was talking to a guy he works with, they were both in today working on the holiday for some fly bys, and this guy offers a crib, a night stand and dresser/changing table to us for about $200!! He said it’s oak and in really good shape and the crib is the kind that folds down into a toddler bed!! I couldn’t believe it when he first told me. But after he assured me that it was the truth, I think I almost started crying I was so excited!!
Now I’m super motived to gut and paint the nursery so we can get the new furniture in there and start decorating!! Although none of that will probably happen until after the holidays, but hopefully we can get a good start on it before I get too big!
Tomorrow I am going to try to stop by the Play it again Sports store by our house cause a friend of mine said they had a jogging stroller that was used but looked brand new for about $70 bucks!! I would love to get one of those cause I plan on taking MANY walks and just being outside once Baby cakes gets here!!
Just thought I would share the excitement :)

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