Saturday, November 22

Baby Cakes 1st Dr’s Appointment!

Dr Etten is who we saw for our first pre-natal appt yesterday and so far we really like her. After I checked in I had to give a urine sample and I will do that at every visit I have there after. I guess it’s to check protien and sugar levels. When the nurse called us back {Brandon come with me, of course ;) } she weighed me and then took us to a room where she asked me questions about the symptoms I’ve had so far. She also took my blood pressure and talked a little bit about what the Dr was going to do.
When Dr. Etten came in and introduced herself she was very bubbly and seemed excited which was nice because I know she obviously sees a lot of little mommies every single day. And being that it’s our first, I appreciated that she didn’t come in and act like we were just another pregnant couple. She first did a couple exams. And once the ultrasound machine was available the nurse brought it in.
It was so exciting, we were able to see my uterus and then the little bean that is housing our little baby cakes!! In fact baby cakes is SO little we found we are actually not as far along as we thought. According to when my last period started I should be about 7 weeks, but in fact I am about 6 weeks and 2 days today. Which was a little disappointing and normally they don’t even see you until your about 8-9 wks along, but she said it was fine and that she will see us again in 8 wks just get us on and keep us on the every 4week appointment cycle.
The most exciting part about the whole visit was that we got to SEE the heartbeat!! There was this little flashing on the screen and that was baby cakes little heartbeat!! It was so amazing and I even got choked up when we saw it, I don’t know how I will be when we actually HEAR it and see little fingers and toes : D ! What an exciting day that will be!! {And they want to argue that the baby isn’t really a baby yet?!}
So here is little Baby Cakes at 6 weeks… look close or you might miss him! {The little white dot inside the dark one in the middle, that is the sack holding Baby Cakes! The bigger white circle is my uterus.}
So this means that our due date is now set for July 16th.

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