Wednesday, November 19

Baby, It’s Cold Outside! – Err

Is it really one week til Thanksgiving?! Cause by the 70 degree weather we have had so far this week would lead me to believe that it’s actually 4 months til Christmas instead of less than 2!!!
Of course the nice weather is tolerable…. but it’s getting a little difficult to snap out of denile that we only have 36 days til Christmas! So… I thought changing the blog background might encourage the holiday spirit along :)
Baby Cakes update:
We have our first appointment in 2 days!! I am getting so excited I can hardly wait!! I will do my best to updat- WHO AM I KIDDING! Of course I’ll post and update on how it goes and what we learn! {I’m personally hoping for some pregnancy sickness tips on how to help deal with it :s }
Then on Sunday we are on our way to Cali to visit my dad and family for annual Turkey day {: D} and we are so excited for a little vacation! We will be out there for a week and i’m looking forward to seeing one of my younger brothers {unfortunately, the other one can’t make it cause he’s up in Northern Cali studing for school :( } and we might even get to see one of Brandon’s brothers, if he’s able to come down a couple days {he lives in San Fran}!! So needless to say, we are excited about the upcoming events on our calender.
On another note…
Well Brandon and I are going to wait and be surprised on the gender of the baby when it’s born. Brandon really wanted to do it this way and I could go either way but gave in cause, lets be honest, I knew that if I knew… I would slip! And that would be really disappointing to Brandon. So even though it’s difficult to forgoe the preplanning of gender specific appearal and room decor, we are going to hold out… AND I CAN’T WAIT!
But I should also add that I have this weird feeling, and it’s happened several times to me, that it’s a girl. I don’t know why, but I’ve even had a dream about it. I can truely honestly say that I am perfectly fine with it being a boy or a girl! I am so thrilled to be having a baby that it doesn’t matter to me any more.
As much as Brandon has said he wants 6 boys for his hockey team… he even said he thinks it’s going to be a girl! And he doesn’t know why either… it’s strange.
But let me just say that I am excited to be suprised and whether it’s just a feeling or a true inkling, it doesn’t matter. I just can’t wait to meet Baby Cakes!!
We do have two boys names picked out that we BOTH love and just one girls name that we BOTH love. So if it’s a girl, that will be her name. And if it’s a boy then of the two names we have both agreed on, when Brandon sees the baby for the first time, he will choose which he is : D
We will just have to see… for now it’s Baby Cakes.

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