Wednesday, November 5

Week 4

I went to the doctor this afternoon to get a confirmation test {mostly so someone could tell me that I’m not just hopefully imagining the positive stick… twice} and Brandon went with me. He is so stinking supportive and excited and just wants to be so involved & I LOVE IT!! {He even picked out a book when we were at B&N for ‘dad’s’ that are expecting and it coaches him through how to react and help comfort me!}
So they made me pee in a cup… that was smaller than a measuring cup… gross.  And it came back ‘weakly positive’. What in the heck does that mean?! And doesn’t the fact that I’ve had three pee tests come back positive… not 1, not 2… BUT THREE mean anything?!! I have heard that false positives are pretty uncommon so I would hope the odds would say that I’m pregnant!!
The doc recommended that I get a blood test done and that would confirm for sure {you know, what we pretty much have confirmed already?!} So I agreed cause there is still some doubt in my mind floating around, especially since I haven’t had any symptoms really. But it’s early still too. The blood test will take about 24hrs so she said she would call when she recieves the results.
For now we are going with a yes, so here is belly pic #1:
Week 2
As you can see baby cakes is very little! About the size of an apple seed!! But already baby cakes brain and cardio vasular system is forming… the heart will start beating before the end of this week!!
My first appointment with the OB/GYN is on 21 November @ 10:15, they usually don’t see you before you’ve be pregnant between 8-9 weeks.

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