Thursday, November 6

Week 5, Day 1

It’s slowly sinking in that we are expecting and I think right now the exitement is higher than the nervousness because I just want to get a little furthur along already! The nervousness is sure to catch up the closer we get to due date!
My mind seems to be going about 100 million miles an hour with thoughts and ideas! I want to start on the baby’s room and mostly just want to be further along than we are so I can actually feel pregnant!!
So far my eating has been a drastic change to my daily life. I have been so much more cautious of what I eat or don’t eat. And I’ve been eating the proper portions of all the neccessary food groups.
To keep track I have created a chart using my new book about pregnancy to keep tally each day of what I have eaten so I can see where I am missing the mark when it come to the nutrients I need. From what I have read so far eating is the most important step right now because vital parts of the baby are developing to include the brain and heart!
Besides eating, I’ve been going to be earlier to get a better nights rest which is difficult having to get up and pee in the night… And I am actually motivated to stick to a excersise routine of walking for at least 30 min 4-5 times a week plus in the evenings with Brandon.

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