Wednesday, May 13

A Little Piece Of Heaven:

who knew it could come in the form of a $3 plastic inner tube {commenly used in the pool :) }…
I can now sleep on my stomach!!! Ok so I haven’t actually fallen asleep on it, like through the night or anything. But I’ve ‘napped’ on it!
When I learned about this little technique I was so excited because before I was pregnant, and even after {until my belly started poking out…obviously} I ALWAYS slept on my stomach. And I was dreading the day I’d have to give it up, but knew the sacrafice was worth it, especially since I wouldn’t be pregnant forever {I have to keep telling myself this over and over and over again…}.
BUT now I can have a little relief and lay for a while on my tummy with out getting jabbed in my ribs and every other major organ! :D

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