Tuesday, May 5

Are We Crazy?!

I’d like to think we are smart… We took the plunge and will soon be knee deep in cloth diapers :S
“What are you thinking?!” might be going through your head right now. But we did actually put A LOT of thought in to it.
When I first heard the idea from our Bradley instructor (our birth class) I thought to myself, ‘Um, ew. Who would want to put poopy diapers in the washing machine?! The same washing machine that I put our regular clothes in?!’ I also wondered who in there right mind would want to spend so much time and work on a dirty, stinky diaper?!
Then I started thinking about the fact that once the baby comes and I’m no longer ‘working’ a full-time job… out of the home that is… that our income will be taking a pretty big plummet and I will be having to cut corners to keep our household from feeling the strain. So I started looking around online and researching about these cloth diapers. I was picturing the ones you have to safety pin and I couldn’t wrap my head around how the ‘stuff’ stays inside. Especially a mobile baby or toddler.
But to my surprise there are so many varieties of shapes, sizes, colors, you name it of these cloth diapers! After much research and looking and talking and more research and more talking about it…
We did it. We ordered 3 dozen of them! They are ‘one size’ {which means they are small, medium and large sizes all in one diaper. They adjust by snaps in the front.} so she can wear the same ones until she’s potty training, and the next child can use them too!. They are also all-in-one which means that the cloth diaper and the waterproof covering are all one piece for one step changing, just like a disposable!
How do we solve the poopy diaper in the washing machine though…
Well, first of all breastfeed baby’s poop is water solable and will easily break up and disolve in the wash, leave behind little to no reminants {IF there is anything left in the washer then I’ll do an extra rinse cycle.}
Secondly, they make this niftly little contraption that is hooked up to the toilet and sprays the diaper off into the toilet. It’s like a mini shower head and from what I’ve read of reviews and what not, it gets the job done!
The last thing we had to do was decide what company to go with and what colors to order! That was the fun part :D We went with a company called BumGenius . I’m excited to give them a try and hoping for the best! At this point there isn’t much of turning back so we will make them work!

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