Tuesday, April 28

Coming Soon…

is pictures of the nursery!!
Brandon got all the walls painted yesterday and we also got the nursery furniture!
I blogged much earlier on that we were getting some hand-me-down furniture from a co-worker of ours. He brought it to our house yesterday. It’s a convertable crib with drawers underneath, a night stand that can be attached to the crib or left stand alone and then a dresser with a fold out changing table on top. Some of the furniture has to be assembled still but as soon as it is and we have it arranged I’ll be posting some pictures!!
I’m just so excited and finally feeling like we are making head way on getting the house set up!!
Next {and for B’s sake hopefully the last before baby comes} is installing the wood floors in the upstairs and downstairs guest bathroom! Can’t wait to see it all put together.

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