Monday, April 20

Who Has More Fun Than We Do??

That would be NOBODY!
Last 4th of July, B and I went to visit
Last 4th of July, B and I went to visit
These are a few of the ‘famous’ words my Gramps Larry used to always say when we got together to visit. He passed away just a week ago on April 11th. He had T-Cell Lymphoma since 2004 and just wasn’t able to overcome it. For whatever reason the Lord had, He brought my Gramps home last Saturday to be with Him in a much more wonderful place! I can’t wait to see him again someday and fill him on that he wasn’t able to experience on earth. I know Gramps is in our hearts and will be a part of our lives forever!
This is the main reason I haven’t posted in the last week. The memorial service was last Tuesday. My two younger brothers, Kyle and Sean, both flew into Denver on Sunday and the four of us drove out to KS on Monday. We stayed there through Thursday so we could spend some time with my mama and be a family for a little while. It was a really great time of healing and bonding.
We went to the Cosmosphere one day in honor of Gramps. He took my mom, brothers and me when we were younger and every time B and I went out there to visit him he said he wanted to take B to see it. We never got the chance before Gramps got too sick. So we went to remember him instead. I know he was there with us the whole time. We kept remembering different things we had done with him or little phrases he was best known by and just reflected on the amazing person that he was in each of our lives. He loved his family so much.
Gramps, you will be deeply missed but we will always remember you and keep you in our hearts. And I promise that no matter what, when we get together we will always make sure NOBODY has more fun than we do!!!! I love you, Gramps!!

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