Friday, April 24

Baby Girl’s Check Up And A Gulp-O-Sugarwater

Yesterday we saw the new doc for the second time. Still like her much much better than the other doc! She’s much more laid back and just receptive to the questions or concerns we have.
We did another ultrasound and got to see our little baby cakes! She’s getting bigger! They are actually conflicted about my due date now. She measured and her weight shows her as being in the 83% {weighing on the bigger size} for our original July 12th due date. Several things point to my due date being July 8th, to include my last period, and her measurements. But because they did an ultrasound at 7 1/2 weeks and it showed me due at July 12th and that is more accurate, that’s what they want to continue to show.
She is weighing in at about 3lbs right now! {That explains why I’m so hungry every 2hrs!!} Talking to the doc yesterday, she knows we don’t want to be inducded and want to do everything as natural as is healthly possible, but her concern is that if my due date really is the 8th but I go too far past the 12th, she’ll ask to induce cause it could mean complications. B and I talked about it afterwards and we will just wait and see what happens. It’s in the Lord’s hands anyways, we have no control over the outcome.
We do know that when the time comes to make that decision that because of our Bradley’s class we will be educated on what some other options are. For example, if they are encouraging us to induce then I’ll try all the natural methods first, like walking and various other things… But I know that medical induction or even the doc breaking my water are going to be the very last resort as there are adverse effects that could easily make labor much more difficult than it needs to be.
I also believe that God made a womans body for this very event and it’s fully capable of doing the whole process naturally. Of course things can always go wrong, we live in a fallen world with sickness and disease all around. But our bodies usually know how to handle the things they were made to do. If the baby is coming or the labor isn’t progressing like we think it should, then maybe, just maybe there is a reason. Baby could be in a bad position or the cord could be in a bad place, etc.
This weeks appointment was also the dredded glucose test where you drink the pure sugar water, wait an hour and then get your blood drawn. They test for how well you body processes sugar and then determine if you have gestational diabetes. I’m not extremely worried about it, the worst that could happen is I do have gestantional diabetes and so I have to watch what I eat. Honestly that should be done through out the pregnancy!! The health of a growing baby depends on our diet and that is reason enough to make sure I eat the best I can at all times! I feel like I do that for the most part, and my husband helps me out with that a lot.
It was a good check up over all and our next appointment is in 2 weeks. Now for the next big thing, B is painting the nursery on Monday and we get the furniture delievered!! Can’t wait…. :D

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