Friday, April 9


I know. I'm a slacker.

I haven't posted in forever. And a day.

Despite the quiet in blog world, we have been rather busy around these parts. We do have a crawler now, you know.

And not only does she love to crawl to see any and everything, but she can pull herself up now too! Sometimes she will even let go of what she's holding on to and just stand on her own for a few seconds.

She is also a talker. We have lots of conversations through out the day. She tells me whats on her mind and I ask her questions to find out all that she is thinking.

I love our conversations.

We made a recent trip out to see my mom (Nana) and got to visit with some friends too. We had a nice trip and baby girl did so well adjusting to the different environment and then being back home.

On the drive home I noticed little missy was getting her first tooth! Right down in the front on the bottom.

Daddy is sad to see her toothless grin go, but we know she will have a beautiful pearly white smile!

We've spent a lot of time outside the last couple days. E is getting more used to the swing and sat in it the longest today!

I don't have much more to write about today. But with the nicer weather around the corner I'll be taking more pictures and hopefully getting back to blogging!


Shannon said...

Yay! I was afraid that you fell off the blogging world! LOL, I joke but glad to see a new post. It is getting harder to blog...I'm so flipping tired after running around all day. Guess that's the down side of nice weather. It was great seeing you guys!

Anonymous said...

I love the way you write! Rock on, daughter! Love to all...
Nana K

Anonymous said...

I love the way you write! Rock on, daughter! Love to all...
Nana K


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