Tuesday, April 27

Out growing

Lately Evalyn has been losing interest in the "baby" toys she's always had to play with. She's out growing most of them. And to be honest they are for younger babes. She's getting older and starting to explore and trying to see how things work! We have just as much of a blast watching her as she does exploring!

So this last weekend we went to Toys'R'Us and sought out the activity center that would be the most for it's money.

This is what we found:

As you can see it allows her to stand. And there are many gadgets that all make noise and twist, turn, swivel, etc.

Around the other side is a keyboard that plays songs or allows her to "make up" her own songs. The keyboard part also detaches from the activity center and works stand alone.

So far she loves it and enjoys playing a little while and then she will check out something else and then come back for some more!

You may have noticed the "gate" that is up behind her. That was also a purchase we made this weekend! It's actually a 6 panel "gate" that can be linked together for an enclosed play area or used as a barrier. We are using it as the latter for the time being. The tv room, where we spend time watching movies or {Playhouse Disney in the mornings}, has many hazards for little fingers, to include a fire place, and was seeming to be impossible to baby proof with out emptying the entire room! 

The barrier set up is much more practical. So far it's great and just keeps her away from the outsides of the room, where the fire place, tv, and wine cabinet all are. The rest of the space she has free reign and she doesn't even seem to mind that she can't get to those things any more.

And we feel much more at ease that our little explorer won't be harming herself anytime soon, at least we can hope!

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