Sunday, May 9

Mother's Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's day!


I know I did.


We went to church this beautiful morning and enjoyed the guest speaker, he was hilarious! After church we went to lunch, yummy Mexican food! Even little lady enjoyed some beans and chicken, and she enjoyed getting it all over her dress... which we took these pics after lunch, so no dress. Later this afternoon we headed up to the mountains to visit family and enjoy delicious food!

Little lady and her Grammy, they enjoyed each other's company most of our visit!

Brandon's brother, Joe, surprised everyone with a visit. He got to meet his niece for the first time!

E loves music!! Every time Uncle Joe could be heard strumming, she was tuned in and captivated. :) We think he's pretty enjoyable to listen to also!

And Mother's Day wouldn't be complete with out including ALL of my children...

This is a little older, since we are almost at 4 months now. We have to take that picture this week :)

Our next appt is on Thursday and I'll be getting all the blood drawn for all the required tests. We have opted out of the genetic testing again so our next ultrasound will be in mid-June, when they will do the level II ultrasound.

At this ultrasound there is a possibility that they could peek and determine the gender of our baby bean. We have made a firm decision to not find out the gender at this time. We are excited to wait it out and be surprised at birth. I'm getting an itch to have some fun though and maybe we will try some different gender predicting tests to see what they say... then we'll see who is right on Birth Day!!

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

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