Tuesday, May 18

10 Months

Sweet baby girl, today you are 10 months.

It's a wonder to me how you could be ten months old already considering it had to have been just a week ago that you spent your days sleeping, eating & pooping.

But that is far from your days now, isn't it...

You are silly and love to play and 'wrestle' with your daddy. I love your adorable laugh and you get a kick out of the silliest things. You think it's so funny to put your finger in our mouth or when we hold you upside down. And you love to make faces at yourself in the mirror, it's so cute.

You still eat jarred baby food, fruit only, mixed with cereal for breakfast. All other foods are table foods. There isn't a table food you've turned down yet! When ever mommy or daddy has food you come right over and hold your mouth open until we give you a bite. :) And you've started gaining an interest drinking from a cup.

More and more you are getting the hang of standing and keeping your balance. Most of the day you are up and then down again, and up again. Of course if there is somewhere you want to go you just get down and crawl, since your so fast and efficient now. :)

You have just learned to wave bye-bye! It's so cute because you do your wave and keep doing it until I say "bye bye" and then you clap for yourself. I love it.

You are such a little smarty pants. Not surprising considering who your daddy is... he's quite the smarty pants too. And he would say that I am pretty smart, cause I married him. I'd have to agree there!

You are still as observant and exploring as you always have been. You study everything you can get your hands on and try to figure it out. You love to pull things out of bags or drawers. You'll empty a clothes basket and when it's contents have all been removed then you lose interest! So silly :)

All of these things describe the little person you are and I can't begin to tell you how much I adore spending my days with you and how much I am enjoying calling you mine. I love you sweet Evalyn. I love you more than you could ever know.


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