Wednesday, January 25

Little Dude {15 Months}

My handsome boy, you are 15 months {and some days...} old.

And you are finally walking! 

You are talking all.the.time! It's seriously the most warming thing to my heart to hear you and your big sister talking to each other and playing together! You two play together all the time and laugh, oh the laughing. I don't even know what you are all laughing about most of the time, you just feed off of each other. I pray that your relationship with each other continues to grow and you can be friends as you go through life. 

Of course, things are perfect and you guys have your moments. You are so different from your sister when it comes to discipline. If I tell you "NO" sternly you just look back at me and laugh. As soon as I tell you no you throw yourself on the floor and kick and grunt, giving attitude. It's challenging figuring out the best way to discipline you being only 15 months old. 

You take after your daddy in so many ways. You love to study everything and will spend a long time pulling, tapping, twisting, etc until you are satisfied with all that the object does. If you are going to attempt something, taking walking for example, it's got to be perfect or you just don't want to do it. After you stand and maybe take a couple steps but fall or step on a toy and fall down, you get upset and either just sit there mad or continue on crawling. I love watching you stand up {especially when no one is watching} and wait a few minutes, determining in your mind that you can do it before even take a step. You are vary thoughtful.

Lately you have a couple things you say that just melt us or have us in stitches:

1. You put your little hands up in front of you and say "Hug?" You love to give hugs! And blowing kisses, gah! You learned to give them from your sister but It is the sweetest thing ever!

2. You started to make a thinking sound "mmmm" before you say what you would like to have, for example, "Mmmmm, milk?" Cutest thing.

3. Your favorite book right now is 'Good Night, Gorilla' and the way you say gorilla, ok I'll admit, I ask you to say it over and over because it doesn't get old! It sounds more like 'Lala' but you roll the l's in just the sweetest way. You love to read it and make the animal sounds on each page. You now do elephants, tigers, dogs & monkey sounds.

4. I think you learned it from your sister, but you pat my swelling tummy and say 'bro-der' and I wonder if you have any idea what it means... You do the same when you see the pack'n'play set up in our room and the Boppy pillow. It really melts my heart. And I pray that you are excited about him someday as you are right now.

I can't believe you are on the move, but I know you will go great places! I pray that you grow to be a man grounded in the Lord, steady in your steps as you trust in Him. 

We love you so much, little dude. 
Happy 15 months!

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