Friday, February 10

The Story of how we met {Part 3}

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We got settled in to our postpartum room and around noon my mom made it and came to see us. She drove in from out of state to come and help with the 'big' littles. She now has a birthday buddy, Itty Bitty was born on her birthday!

After a quick visit she headed to our house to pick up the kids and bring them to meet their new baby brother!

They both did very well and were excited to see him! Little Lady came in to the room and said "Where is baby Eli?!" She couldn't wait to hold him and she just ooo'd and aw'd over him. She was also very excited to see mommy and daddy. And we loved seeing our first born, she'll always be my baby girl! I know she will make a great big sister to BOTH of her little brothers.

And Little Dude, I'll be honest I thought he was the one going to have a hard time but he did really good! He's so excited about the "bee bee" that he wants to grab and point out his nose, eyes, etc. Most of the time he doesn't seem to notice Itty Bitty, but he's very enthusiastic when he does! He's only had a couple of moments when I was holding Itty Bitty that he got jealous, but each time he had either just fallen down and hurt himself or he was really tired. I can't wait til he has another friend, his brother, to play with!

And we took our first picture as a family of FIVE!!

We had planned on heading home the next day but we got hit with a blizzard and decided not to risk it and just stay another night. I wasn't looking forward to being away from our 'big' littles another day but it was a blessing from the Lord! Hubby and I hardly knew what to do with ourselves only having one child between us, and a sleeping one at that!! We both took naps and just hung out together. It was a delightful day!

So the following day we packed up and headed home with our newest little! 

We are overwhelmed by the love we have for all three of our sweets and even more overwhelmed by the love our God in Heaven has for us! We are thankful that He chose us to be their parents!

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