Wednesday, December 5

Evie's Room: Progress

The transformation continues....

This has been such a fun project to keep my mind busy and exercising some creativity. Evie loves it so far, too! She says the blue walls are her favorite color now. :D

So, some details....

(And I will get better pictures once it's all done and when I get things hung up on the walls.)

Pink bed: I found that on crags list! It was perfect and when I showed it to Evie, she was so excited!! Right now it just has a mattress that doesn't need a box spring so it's the perfect height for her. Later when she a little bigger we can get the box spring so that gap at the head board won't be there.

Green dresser: That was in my brother's room growing up! I snagged it when we were moving my mama out here. It was already painted green and antiqued! The only thing I may do is paint the hardware on the drawers. I haven't decided yet...

Yellow bookcase: That is actually an old record holder! It was my grandpa's and it's perfect for books. It's all ready painted yellow and antiqued. It's so retro looking and I love it. 

Curtains: Just panels from Ikea with yellow pom pom ribbon tied around them.

Mirror: It's actually the top to an old dresser some one was garage selling. I only wanted the mirror part so they sold it to me! It used to be a cream color with gold accent and I just painted it and added the fabric flowers. It's the perfect size for Evie right now! As she gets older we can hang it on the wall so she can still use it.

Closet: Is a work in progress... I got all the containers I need and now it's just a matter of labeling and organizing all of her toys and keep sakes. There will also be less clutter in there when I get her stuff hung on the walls, that is taking up a lot of shelf space right now.

I thing that wraps it up! Since these pictures where taken a rug has been added and fabric for her bedding has been picked out.

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