Saturday, December 22

From House to Home: Farmhouse Edition

It all started when my sweet husband said I could paint...

He knows I've been "patiently" waiting to cozy up the place and he gave me the green light earlier this fall to pick out paint colors. I put it off and browsed here and there. It's not something I wanted to rush into since it will be a long while before we do it again!

I picked a main level {we have a split level house} color and a different color for the kitchen walls. I also decided to paint the cabinets... Crazy, I know! That still has to be done.

Once the color was on I got a vision of what a homey place would look like to me... A farmhouse with shabby chic added here and there is what I saw! Just had to see if Brandon was on board, it is his space too, after all!

He liked it! In fact, he was ready to pack up and buy a farm!! Whoa! I just painted... Although, that sounds like fun but not ready for that... Yet.

I have been keeping my eyes peeled for accent/decor that fits that picture and the bigger the deal the better! I have had the most fun on the few thrift store hunting trips we have made!

The puzzle isn't complete but it really is coming together and feeling so cozy already. All I have is phone pictures for now because I can't find the camera battery charger at the moment...

Come on in, and take a look around our 'farmhouse' in progress...

Our entry way. First sign of a toddler inhabited home... nothing on the lower shelves of the table. ; )

Cozy living room. Love my new shag rug, it's so inviting and soft!
Second BIG hint of a home where 2.5 toddler's roam free range: bare Christmas tree at the bottom third of the tree. Anyone else relate??

Don't be fooled... this was a brief moment in time that all the toys were thrown behind a chair cleaned up just long enough for a nice photo op! But that's what a home is for, right?! To be lived in...

{Curtains: Target}
{Shaggy rug: Home Depot}
{Lamp Silhouette picture: Day Spring}
{Antique patchwork quilt: My great aunt made it, I found it when we were moving my mom out here to live with us!}

One of my favorite new areas, the coffee bar area. The mugs add a perfect touch of color and a little eclectic feel. The chalkboards have now been written on as well!
{Shelf: Hobby Lobby}
{Chalkboard signs, Farm Fresh milk sign, ceramic white milk bottle, Ceramic measuring spoons, 
coffee canister: World Market}
{Coffe cups, tea towels: Anthropologie}
{Antique Ball Mason Jar: My BFF}

{Spice rack: Etsy}
{Spice rack jars: World Market}
{Spice jar labels: Pinterest}

I'm planning on holding off pictures of the kitchen until the cabinets are done... I think I'll do a before and after.

Thanks for stopping by!

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