Sunday, June 23

Child's Play

I found this book in a gift shop and bought for our summer exploring this year and beyond. I was getting a little bored with our usual outing spots and this was just the thing to get us out exploring and trying new things!

This book is a gold mine. It's written by a mom who took her kids to each place and then wrote a review telling you the mom-approved version including if you can bring your own food, age group it's good for, restroom availability, cost, hours, annual special events and much more!

One day we were going to a park that's listed in the book but it ended up being too windy so we looked to see what else was close by (another great feature about the book) and they had a children's museum that looked like a great indoor choice.

The kids loved it and we thought it was fun, too!

Checking out the fishes underneath the huge pirate ship.

The sand box.

Ah hoy, matey!


What's going in there? (It was a rain demonstrator)

The puppet theater.

Going through the drive through at the bank... they even had a working shoot that sends the money inside the building and out to the car, just like at the bank drive through!


Katie B. said...

I think so! Is it the one that's in Lafayette?

Christene @ MommaBird said...

Yup, that's the one!


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