Monday, January 28

Better off walking... ; P

I just had to share our little adventure last night with everyone, since we can look back now and laugh!! B and I were on our way to his grandparents house last night for Sunday dinner. We kind of wanted to suprise them since we hadn't seen them yet since being back from Iraq. We left Parker and headed down the interstate towards their house. Brandon was driving and we must have hit a pot hole in the road and could tell the tire must have blown out! We pulled over to the shoulder with very little room to work with. B got out and took a look, it was blown alright!
He popped the trunk and began working on the spare. I am so grateful that he was with me, I don't know how I would have been or what I would have done if I was by myself. He got us all squared away with the spare and started putting all the tools away back in the trunk. I looked at the spare and the air in it was really low so I asked him if he thought it would be ok. He wasn't sure but assured me he would take it easy and go to a gas station in order to fill it up with air. So we proceeded and he drove about 30mph on the shoulder of the road.
Of course where we were was in a stretch where there were no exits! As we came up to one, I kid you not, there was a 4x4 right in our path and we didn't see it til it was too late and with traffic wizing by there was no swerving it. And with in second there was a thud and their went the only spare we had! After B stopped the only thing we could do was bow our heads and pray! God was definitely stopping us in our tracks, we know that!
Once our nerves had settled we made a plan to call my insurance and have a tow truck pick up the car and take it to B's grandpas auto shop. Then we made arrangements for a ride to pick us up and take us back to Parker. Needless to say it all worked out fine and we were safe a grateful for the Lord's protection.
What are the odds though?!?! A tire and a spare in the same 15 mile stretch...

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