Thursday, January 31

It has been a busy week!! We finished picking out our music for our ceremony and reception! Instead of hiring a DJ or a live band, we are picking our songs and loading them on to an iPod. Then we have a friend, Glenn Fricke, who LOVES music and would make a great mcee to do all our music stuff!! It's so much more personal and saves us dough!!

We have most of the songs picked out for the reception/ dancing... but we were curious if anyone has any suggestions??!! Post them in a comment and we will add them to our playlist!!

Our invitations have been keeping us busy! We are printing our own on an invitation kit! They are so sweet and romantic! I can't wait for you all to see them... ; )

Yesterday I bought B's ring! He really likes the tungsten so thats what I got him! I was bummed cause it can't be engraved. But I want him to have what he really likes. I'll just look for something else to engrave!!

I'm also really excited and counting down the days til my dress comes in!! (March 7!) I would post a picture of it but B is really particular about not seeing the dress at all until the big day!!! I can't wait for him to see it!

My bridesmaides already picked out their dress and
have them on order! They should be in in April sometime!

The one on the right is B's cousin, her name is Katie too. And Rachael is on the left! They are both working diligently at putting together my bridal shower... I can't wait for all the fun and excitement to begin!

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