Monday, February 4

This weekend B and I went to Minden, Nebraska to visit B's special Grandma! {that's what B called her when he was little and it just stuck!} She is 94 years old and still lives in her own house and drives a truck. I rode with her and she does just fine too! She is a strong woman.

She was so excited to have us visit and we had a great time. While we were there B asked her if we could borrow a cake plate for our wedding cake!! She collects cake plates and probably has a hundered or more of them! She said of course and even picked out a beautiful white one for us to use!! It's a little bit wider in diameter than the others since the wedding cake will be a little bit bigger than a normal size cake.

We are both so thrilled to be able to include both sides of our family in our most special day!

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