Tuesday, February 26

Tiny Little Miracle!

I know you want to see the pics so here they are!
Baby was stretching! It was toward the end of the hour long ultrasound and baby was probably getting tired of the tech poking and proding!!
You can see the thumb and four tiny little fingers! Baby’s hands were up by the face the whole time pretty much!
And of course the little feet! A picture of each one.
Can I just say I am so very impressed with how incredible technology is! With only a 2-D ultrasound I didn’t know that they could see so much! We got see the heart and could actually make out the 4 different chambers of the baby’s heart! We also saw a couple other major organs and the two main arteries. The tech measures all these things to tell the health of the baby and Baby Cakes is doing just fine!!
In all the measurements baby was right in the 50-60 percentile, so although I have only gained 3lbs since my 8wk appt., the fact that the baby is doing so well is a great sign!
As we watched our baby on the screen I couldn’t help but tear up and at times chuckle with excitement and joy! It was so very cute when the tech was trying to get some different angles she caught baby wiggling it’s little tush and it was so adorable! Baby just looked so safe and secure in there, it’s little mouth would kinda sit open as it slept so peacefully and towards the end we could see baby had hiccups! It was so darn cute!!
Most of the time baby was curled up in the fetal position but sometimes baby would stretch out and because baby is still so small and there’s enough room it’s legs could pretty much fully extend!
It really did just make it that much real, that we are having a little tiny precious angel come into our lives and change it forever! I think we are both very excited but also very nervous and anxious about the parenting experience. When Brandon and I left the Dr today we both just started realizing all the responsibility we would be gaining, and all these worries start going through your mind about being capable of protecting the baby from all the evil and harm of this world.
Praise God that He is the Father and protector of this baby and we are just getting to take part in it. No one could know or do better than Him!

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