Wednesday, March 5

Sample the reception decor...

So this is just a rough, rough draft.... BUT it's so coming together!! (the tables at the guest house are smaller and the table clothes will actually fit them.) I am proud to say that everything I have gotten for the reception decorations has been half off or more! PTL!
I think we just about have everything we need for the reception, we just have to work out the details... like ironing the linens and making the flowers for the center pieces, etc. I am just really pleased with how well it's all coming together!
I also had the first fitting for my dresses alterations and I picked out the style of bustle I want! (the bustle is when they sew buttons under the dress so I can have the train pulled up at the reception and be able to still dance and walk with out stepping on my dress.) I chose the french bustle which goes up under the dress and creates an arch and looks so gorgeous when its done up!
I would post pictures of my dress so far but my sweetheart is very careful not to see my dress before the big day! Even if I'm looking at a wedding magazine that has pictures of dresses, he will look away because he says he doesn't want to see it by accident. :) He's such a good boy... I love him so much!
This weekend is my birthday and we are getting our engagement photos done! B is taking me out to dinner downtown so I got a cute dress to wear! It has tulips on it (my favorite flower). I'll be sure and post the pictures after wards....

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