Wednesday, March 19

The results are in...

So the photographer we met with on my birthday finally got some photo's to us! They turned out cute for the most part I think.

We did get a lead tho from my friend at work. She recommended a guy who is also in our unit at the base and does wedding photography on the side! He does excellent work and we are going to go with him because he seems to be a little bit more professional as well as experienced than the first lady. Plus we want to support our military family!!

A few others...

I am also excited to report that I put together my tossing bouquet!! I decided to make it just for the fun of it. My actual bouquet for the ceremony as well as the bridesmaids bouquets and all the flowers, we are having them done with real flowers by a florist we found one day on the hunt for wholesale flower markets. Turns out they only sell those flowers for resale. But one of the markets recommended this florist and I loved his ideas.
And an extra special thing I decided to do with my bouquet is to have a locket with my grandmother, Grandma Judith, who passed away of cancer just two years ago, tied around the stems with a ribbon!
That is as far as I got today... just one step at a time and lovin every minute of it!!

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