Saturday, March 8

Happiest Birthday!

Today has been an awesome birthday! I am so blessed {some might even say spoiled ;)}

So I started the day off with receiving phone calls from my sweetheart and my mama singing happy birthday to me... not on the same phone call!

Later in the morning B and I went to get our photos taken with a possible photographer for our wedding! She took a lot of pictures and said she would have them for us by Tuesday! We can't wait to see them and share them with you all!!

After that we went to the Christian book store in Parker to pick up the ring I ordered for B on valentines day to wear until we get married! It says in Hebrew, ' I am my beloveds. My beloved is mine.' He was so excited and it looks so sharp on him!

Then we went to the guest house where we are having the reception and did a quick set up of our table setting to see how it looks... We loved it!

After that we went to B's house {our future home :)} and he gave me my birthday present from him. Which was...

a bouquet of CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES!!! And with it came with a card that said we are going to a Jack Johnson concert at Red Rocks in August!!! WAHOO!

After that we went to B's Aunt Dori's place and visited with all the family! That was really fun.

Now we are all dolled up and getting ready to head to downtown Denver to have dinner at a steakhouse called Capitol Grill! I'm so excited :)))))

Thanks for all the happy birthdays! This day has been an amazing day...

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