Tuesday, April 1

My Best Birthday Ever!

This is Brandon!
Sorry its taken me this long to share with everyone how awesome a birthday my beautiful sweetheart treated me to but I didn't have the info to log into the site. Anyways it started out last Tuesday when I opened my locker at work to find a Colorado Avalanche Apron! I love to cook and I didn't have an apron and now I do! The best thing is I don't feel like a sissy for wearing it cuz its totally a manly one... Then the next day again in my locker was a present all wrapped up with a pretty little bow and inside were some grey sweat pajama pants with an avalanche emblem on them! They are soo soft and comfy I love em! Then just when i was getting used to this whole idea of coming everyday to work to find another gift from my sweetheart in my locker there wasn't one... I even told her jokingly that i think there was a disconnect somewhere cuz there wasn't another present in my locker. So that night I go home and as i reach to open my bedroom door I see a note that read "Before you lay your sweet head down to rest... Take a peek @ the couch down stairs..." I rushed down there to find a birthday card along with an avalanche clock and a ultra comfy avalanche blanket... And in the bag the blanket was in were two tickets to the Avalanche game last friday night! 8 rows off the glass center ice!

Katie sure knows how to treat me! I was soo pumped! Peter Forsberg is my hockey hero and everytime in the past i have gone to avalanche games I have never gotten to see him play because he was either injured or it was after he had left the team. But this year he came back to colorado and I got to see him skate and get 3 assists none the less! It was so awesome I couldnt of asked for a better game either! We were loosing 4-3 late into the 3rd when Joe Sakic scored with 5.9 seconds left in the game to force OT! After nobody scored in OT it went to a shootout and we won it in the shootout! It is definately the most memorable hockey game i have ever been to... I haven't been treated like that on my birthday since i cant remember when... It was like the 12 days of my birthday! OK, OK, more like 5 but whatever you get the idea... My sweetheart must think im alright to have put so much into my special week... She definately is amazing and I am so blessed to have her in my life!

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