Tuesday, April 22

I was going through the pictures on B's camera and realized I never took the pictures off of his camera from when we went up the mountain and he proposed! And then I realized that I never posted about it except on our wedding website... [http://www.theknot.com/ourwedding/KatieNies&BrandonBernshausen]

So here is a walk down memory lane for some... and new photos for others! Enjoy :)
This was on the way up. We drove up to Golden State Park to see the leaves changing colors because 'Plan A' fell through.... That is B was going to take me up in a hot air balloon ride and propose while we were view the leaves from a birds eye view! But the wind cancelled that, God had another plan in mind...

The day turned out to be beautiful and the winds died down some. We really enjoyed the view we got as we drove to a special place.

Here we had reached the top and I posing by a tree B really liked.... I was oblivious and you can see my bare hand... the last pic that way forever now!

After we went to the top and there were quite a few people we started to head down the mountain... all the while B was looking for the 'Perfect Spot' and he decided it was at a spot that we had already stopped at on our way up. I pointed that out when we stopped there for the second time... {Again... I was oblivious!} So we walked over to a bench that overlooked a wonderful view down the mountain side. We were talking a little and then he set his camera down... and I had this feeling something was up!And then he took my breath away by asking me the question I had been dying to hear! That's the story of how we got to where we are now. Don't let the date on the pictures fool you, our actual date of engagement was on the 29th of September!

I'm getting so excited to see what our journey has in store for us...
{only 31 days!}

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