Thursday, April 3

Counting down...

Did you know it's only 51 days til the big day?!

I DO!!!

I can't believe it's almost here yet I feel like time is dragging sometimes!!

Just wanted to post a little update on the wedding planning. About a week ago I got my veil made! I was so excited to be able to do it myself and make it a little more personal than buying one. Plus they run anywhere from $50 - $200... I made mine for $12. I really like it too because it's the lenth and style that I want (I wasn't really finding it in already made veils)! I'm sorry I can't post a pic of it... it will just have to be a suprise!

We made the pew bows for the chapel and the flowers for the reception table decor (they are made out of tissue paper!). I have actually been impressed with how much we have been able to save just by doing things ourselves and it's that much more meaningful!

Everything is just about wrapped up and either booked or bought! Just waiting for that big day to come!! I feel like a kid again with Christmas just right around the corner and being so excited!!

And you all should know my shower is coming up (just a little over a week away!)... at least the ladies anyway! (sorry guys you aren't invited ; P) I'm getting so excited for it! My lovely little sis, Rachael is coming home from school in CA to host it for me! She has done an amazing job coordinating it all, even doing it from out of state!

Just one more thing... if you haven't seen Horton Hears a Who you really should go see it! Its adorably hilarious!

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