Tuesday, April 22

fun never ends...

So I mentioned that we are doing some prep work to our house {were B is living now, I'll move in after we get back from our honeymoon!} so that it has that cozy home feeling. It's been a bachlor pad for 5 years now... it's time for a womans touch!

We are enjoying doing all the changes together and we make sure we both like it before we decide, since we will both be living here, we thought that was fair! I'm loving how excited B is when we see the results of all the little changes here and there, plus it allows us to be creative and have fun together.

This last weekend we spent most of our time in our upstairs guest bathroom, there will be pictures once we finish it, but it needed quite a bit of work. You will see when we show the before and after pictures!

But I think its cute how just one little change can make a huge difference in a house to make it more homey. For example, we are going to paint an accent wall in our living room a chocolate brown so on the adjacent wall we thought we would hang some curtains the same color. We couldn't believe the difference it made just doing something so small!

Stay tuned for more fine tuning of the soon-to-be cozy cottage!

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