Wednesday, June 11

{Real life fairytale}

So the fairy tale wedding was everything I could have dreamed of! I should say that I never really, as a little girl, had big dreams of my wedding, atleast not planned out with every little detail! I always knew that I wanted to marry someone who cared about those details too and that we would plan our wedding together, even those little details! Maybe to many it seemed far fetched that a guy would care about the flowers or the color of the bridesmaids dresses, but I convinced myself that that guy was worth waiting for. The guy that we would share the whole experience together and make decision together, all the while growing and learning more about each other. (sapping romantic, I know, but that's me :) )

I suppose I compromised a few times along the way, and thank the Lord, He cleared my vision and showed me that I was settling for less than what I always dreamed of. But He hadn't. And He knew all along that guy I always dreamed of, that would want to be my best friend and care about the things I cared about, that he was out there. He was out there because God Himself was preparing him just for me! And only when the time was right and we would both be ready, did He bring us together!

I won't get into that story now, maybe another time. (Some of you already know it)
After the wedding, we headed to the islands of Fiji. (In case you are wondering where that is, it's NE of New Zealand/Australia.) It is a beautiful country and many Americans are realizing that as they are buying whole islands to get away from it all on. We stayed at a wonderful resort that I would recommend to anyone intrested in going! It was on the Island of Taveuni (pronounced ta-vee-unee) which is called the 'Adventure Island'. There are still quite a few villages there with the local people who farm and live right off the land. No plumbing or electricity. Of course the resort we stayed at had those things, but we didn't have a television or telephone in our room.

We stayed in a little bure (pronounced bu-rae) which was basically like our own little hut where we would walk to and from the main lodge on a sweet little path, right over a creek, surrounded by colorful plants and flowers! Amazing! Our bure was like our own little condo for the week, minus the kitchen. We had a little sitting area with a mini fridge and a patio. Our bed was made out of bambo and had high posts with sheer fabric that drapped around, it was very romantic. On our patio in the front we had a hammoc that we enjoyed one sweet afternoon. On our back pation we had a stone wall for privacy and an outdoor shower with our own bathing pool/hot tub and into the hot tub poured a waterfall right from the wall!

At the main lodge is where we ate our meals (gourmet meals btw, with the freshest ingrediants you could imagine!), they also had mountain bikes we could ride and snorkeling gear we could borrow. There was also a pool but we spent our time swimming in the ocean, it was like warm bath water and so clear it looked blue!

While we were there, they had many activites for us to choose from! We went on a hike to view some water falls! They come down from a lake that is at the top of a mountain at the north of the island. The lake never stops pouring down in to the waterfalls! The water is so clear and fresh, no wonder they bottle it up and sell it! We also took a tour down the west coast of the island where we visited the island chief's village, stopped at the 180 deg. dateline meridian (where the time zones begin and end so there is a 24hr time difference from one side to the other!), and also stopped at a local hotspot...

They call it the waterslides because the rocks form a natural waterslide down a lower pressure waterfall. And the water is deep enough that you don't really hit the rocks as you slide down! When you reach the bottom it's a pool of water that greets you! The kids have entertainment while the women are doing the laundry in the river.

Another day we took a day tour out to an island off of Taveuni called Korolevu (pronounced Kora-le-vu) and we went snorkeling in the best coral reef off the island! The water was so clear and there was so much to see. The little fish would swim around us like we were a part of their natural habitat!

The rest of our time we just laid around and relaxed. We spent a lot of time down at the resorts private beach just enjoying the water and surroundings. We also spent a lot of our time reading and talking, just enjoying each others company, just enjoying being married!

If you would like to see more pictures of our great adventure honeymoon, send us an email and we will send you a link to view them.

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