Saturday, June 28


Some have been anxious to see our house and the progress we have made in settling in. There is still work to be done, painting and hanging pictures and such. But so far the settling in has been coming along quite nicely. See for yourself...

The kitchen 'nook' we call it.

Our beautiful wine 'cellar' and chiller.

The upstairs living room.

Where the magic happens!

Notice the bread maker on the left counter... that's B's favorite appliance!

Our 'get-away'

We picked the furniture out together... our first compromise!

The only room we have painted so far, I did the texture on the window wall!

Our upstairs guest bath. Don't mind the plaid floor... it will be a wood floor VERY soon!!

The downstairs TV room... can you tell who's room it is??

Or what sport/team he is for??

Goes down to the basement/laundry room & out to the garage.

That's about it... we have a few other rooms that are being completely redone (the office, the basement guest room/bath and my craft room).

We love it and we call it home!

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