Tuesday, July 1

Two years? Or will it be less....?

After church on Sunday the youth pastor's wife and 4 children came over to a friend of our's to swim at the neighborhood pool. They are all under the age of 7 with the littlest one only being a few months old. The youth pastor is on a missions trip for a couple weeks and a mom at home with 4 little ones that little, you could only imagine how much of a relief it was for her to have some people willing to entertain the little ones while she relaxed a little bit!!

The pool we went to is so kid friendly, it has a 1ft deep section with a 'spray station' where water shoots out all directions into the pool, like a giant sprinkler system. The kids LOVE it! Plus there is a little water slide and then of course the 'big people' pool, which is just normal size and depth. So it's accomidating to everyone.

Anyways, I was just admiring how well B was relating to the little ones and he clicked immediately with their oldest son who is going into the second grade. B said he sat down at the table for lunch and J (for privacy I'll just use their first initial) immediately started a conversation with him as if they had known each other awhile.... J said, 'I got new underwear.' and then proceeded to show B! We laughed and thought how would it be if grown ups where so much more open like children, where they don't hold back and pretend to be someone else or put up walls for fear of what might happen if we let someone in. They are candid and they are real. Oh the lessons we can learn from children.

Once we go to the pool B was the center of their attention as he would play with them on their level and just such keen attention to them, as if they were peers. I think they really appreciated that.

As I looked on, I pondered if it would really end up being 2 years before we start trying for some little people of our own.... ; )

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