Sunday, July 27

So far, so good

That is, our weekend has been.

WOW! Things are finally getting to be how I remember them to be, relaxed and much more easy going. So far this weekend has been quite enjoyable, well besides the summer cold I have seemed to pick up from somewhere :( I have had a cough that is vicious since Thursday, but I am pressing on and determined to enjoy my weekend despite it!

Yesterday we went to the zoo, but B and I. We had a wonderful time just hanging out together, almost like we were on a date :o It's a weird concept I know, I mean we are married now. There is no need for dating... ;p We really did have a good time. The only thing that was really a challenge was the 'baby blues' I had seeing all the cute moms with their babies and little ones running around and just so excited to see the animals! There were some really cuties! But every time one of them was misbehaving or screaming and/or crying, B would look at me with these 'We are so waiting' eyes. And I honestly couldn't help but agree. Don't get me wrong, we are severely excited about the time we will start a family of our own {we already have some names picked out...} but we are also so sure that we have the time for that and we are going to enjoy THIS time, where it's just the two of us and no extra responsibility. This right now is time we will NEVER get back once we start having little ones. We realize that once we have kids, we are stuck with them forever, FOREVER!!!

And someday that will be just the right time and place for us... but right now it's just the two of us :)

After the zoo I went and got my haircut, I have been dying to do it for a while now but just wasn't sure how I wanted it, how short that is and what style. But after a scourching hot day at the zoo, I said 'Enough', just cut it, layer it and thin it a little. I love the way it turned out and I've gotten quite a few compliments too!! People have said they like my hair shorter than longer and I would have to say I agree! I don't have a picture yet but I'll try and get one up soon.

Then last night we went to serve and help in the HS youth room at our church! B and I are getting serious about wanting to commit our time to helping out and getting to know the high schoolers. The are thristy for a true relationship with Christ and I am really looking forward to getting to know them and I hope to get a bible study going at our house once school starts. Please be praying about that opportunity if you think of it!

Today was church and more youth stuff. Then I spent the day shopping with my sister Rachael and we made a major find of this little boutique at a mall near my house!! It's so cute and much more affordable than Urban outfitters and Anthropologie. We were so excited and plan to visit much more often. B hung out at home and read and napped, got some much needed rest. Tonight he has a hockey game! I hope they win...

I'm also really thrilled about a purchase I just made for some projects that Im going to be working on...

They are from Heather Bailey's new designer line and I got them on Early Bird Special {10% off!!} I can't wait to get them in and get to work... I just have to wait til after the 14th of August, when they will be shipped out. But I know it will be worth the wait :)

Thanks for tuning in... more to come!
God Bless!

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