Tuesday, July 22

The Weekend: the retreat; the store; the Sunflower Market.

Brandon and I went to our first ever marriage retreat on Friday night! It was really good! We stayed in a pretty nice hotel (normally $360 a night :s) with a group from the church and we had a Pastor from western CO come out with his wife and give a couple sessions. They we hilarious! But they gave practical and helpful advice and wisdom. We were 1 of 2 couples who had been married less than a year! Everyone was impressed that we were coming at such a young starting point and said if they would have had a marriage retreat available and gone when they were starting out, things might have gone a whole lot smoother, especially the first year or so.

The best thing about it was we got to meet other married couples in our age range and just people at our church in general, makes it feel more like a family! We also won a game of who can make the tallest straw tower with just straws and masking tape, but it had to stay standing. Ours won! So we got a free dessert at On the Border and we plan to use it this weekend when we celebrate TWO MONTHS!!! (Thur)


Since the retreat only lasted til Saturday afternoon, we had the rest of our weekend to relax and take it easy. I'm really getting into my sewing/embroidery projects and gearing up for a possible outline for a future business!!!! My trusty associate and designer... and sister is earning her place on the team, she came up with a catchy name to use and we are in the process of designing a logo right now! I can't wait to get to the point of sharing it all with everyone... but we want to wait until we get it more together and take care of some legal things. I hope to show off some previews of a couple projects I've been busy working on the last couple days....!!!

And I just want to say how much I appreciate my husband who has been so supportive and encouraging, I'm not sure if he is as excited about it yet as I am, but I just know he will be!!


One last thing I wanted to share is about this incrediable find we found this weekend! The Sunflower Market! It's a health/ support local venues in the state kind of place. They have SO MUCH fresh produce and the prices are jaw dropping!! Everything is so fresh and tasty. They also have a station where you can make your own peanut butter and add things (ie flax seed, etc.) to make it taylored to your needs but it's freshly made right there in front of you... with the peanuts in the grinder and you just crank the wheel that does the magic!!! And the other unique station is the honey station where you can bottle your honey! I mean it comes out of a dispenser and they have differnt types of bottles to choose from, even the honey bear! You just put it under the nozzle and pull the lever and it fills it up!!

A lot of the stuff is organic, but not everything. Actually most things they had both options, a regular and then an organic one. And there was almost NO junk food... but i did end up leaving with a bag of salt water taffy! Yum.

So if your in the neighborhood and want a sweet place to shop at low prices but high in healthy content, you have to try the Sunflower Market!

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