Tuesday, July 15

fairy tale dinner!

Oh my word! Was I surprised with a treat when we got home from work today!! Some of the women from my study came over to the house while we were at work and prepared an excellent and tasty dinner for Brandon and I! The places were set with the meal waiting in the oven for us. There were flowers on the table and a fresh baked chocolate cake for dessert! I was shocked and in awe of the love I have been showered with. It actually brought me to tears.

I wish I would have thought to take a picture or two because they did such a great and adorable job setting it up, but we were so hungry and it smelled so good when we walked in the door, we couldn't help ourselves but sit down say grace and dig in!!

Thank you Jesus for you overflowing mercy and grace that you poured out on my today through three {four including Brandon who was in cahoots} amazing people, so ready to serve and show selfless love on a sister!!! You are worthy of our praise!!!

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