Tuesday, July 8

road trip.

B and I decided to take a road trip for our extended 4th of July weekend. Since we work 4 days a week (10hrs each), we always have Mondays off so we both took off Tuesday. We left Thursday night (the 3rd) and drove to Hutch, were my Grandpa lives, then drove up to Manhattan on the 4th and on to Nebraska on Sunday. We made it back home safely today (Tues). Here is a few snapshots of our trip:
In the car on our way...

DAY 1 [July 3]

After working half the day we set out for KS and began our road trip. We drove straight through til we got to Hutch and checked in to a hotel for the night. On the way we had some might fine and interesting conversations enabling us to learn and get to know much more about each other. I found a print out on a website, called The Nest.comthat had a list of questions to ask each other, for example 'What is your dream car?' or 'What is your dream vacation?' and many others like that. I wrote down both of our answers and we are going to put them in a 'time capsule' {really it's a box my friend Rae made for me for my bridal shower that has pictures of B and I through out our dating and of us growing up!}. Then each year on our anniversary we will re-evaluate our answers and record the ones that have changed and just read through what we wrote down in the previous years! How exciting will it be to look back on our 5oth and see what we wrote down during our first year of marriage! We also did our goals, individual as well as together.
DAY 2 [July 4]

This is one of both B and I's favorite holidays! I love the patriotism that flows during this time of year. And absolutely nothing says summer like hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill, sitting out with family/friends and fireworks to finish off the day! We spent the day time in Hutch with my mama and my grand dad! After sleeping in and then having a late breakfast with them we enjoyed a little car ride while we visited and saw some areas of Hutch. We also stopped at a fireworks tent so B could pick up some fireworks!! He was like a kid in a candy shop :) Since we
can't shoot them off in CO it's been since he was younger that he actually had done them. So he couldn't wait to pick out his favorites and that he did! He even let me pick out a few :)

By the time it was mid-afternoon we decided it was warm enough to take a dip in the pool at my grandpa's apartment complex. B swam and I just laid by the edge with my feet in while my mama read a book in the shade. It was quite relaxing!
handsome hubby
w my grand dad

Towards evening my grandpa took us out to a wonderful dinner before we all headed up to manhappiness, where my mama lives. We were going to stay with her that night and we wanted to get back before it got dark and too late so B could do his fireworks! We got home just in time and it was entertaining to see him do his show and so fun to watch him get so excited!
w mama
he's so excited!
Those little tanks came out of the helicopter when it was going off and shot their own cannons!!

Overall it was a wonderful holiday, we both really enjoyed ourselves!

DAY 3 [July 5]

So a whole day to do what ever we wanted to do just hanging out with mama bear! No obligations, no bouncing around to visit anyone. Going with the flow and relaxing! The first time in a while that a trip home has been that enjoyable!

After sleeping in having breakfast, my mom took us around town to see the damage from the tornadoes not too long ago. Devastating and amazing all at the same time. To see the wreckage and to know that not a single person was killed is a miracle! But was also so interesting to see how a house could be totaled but have a baby tree still standing in the front yard with most of it's leaves on it, while a house down the same street might have the house intact but a very old tree completely uprooted from the ground...

Later in the afternoon we went to enjoy a movie, WALL-E. B and I had already seen it but my mom hadn't and we loved it so much we didn't mind watching it again! SO CUTE if you haven't seen it yet!!

We couldn't enjoy a visit to Manhattan without going to Aggieville and visiting the few cute little shops they have! We also stopped in at our favorite wings place Buffalo Wild Wings!!! {yummy!} But while we were driving through Aggieville we saw a banner for 'Arts in the Park' a Jazz festival was going on. We all agreed that would be enjoyable evening entertainment! 
City park
crazy monkey
but i sure do love him!
look mama climbed a tree too! {teehee}

I got to show B the city park that I spent a lot of time in while I lived there in Manhattan. And we all got to enjoy some entertaining musicians as they played various types of music from contemporary jazz to big band to even some spanish jazz {more mambo style!} B and I were even able to show off some of our mad skills we have learned at the swing dancing club here in town!Day 4 [July 6]

Sunday morning we slept in a little while and then headed up to Nebraska. We were going to visit B's 94 year old great-grandma! On the way, we stopped in a town I lived in for 3 years of grade school and one year of middle school. I saw my old house, which looked nothing like when we lived there!! They have added on to it and it just looks completely different! But it was interesting to drive through the neighborhood and reminise about all the memories from there!

That evening we grilled hamburgers and hotdogs with a neighbor of B's great grandmas and with his cousin and family. They just had a baby girl about 2 weeks ago and she is such a doll! We both fell in love with her immediately and had to keep reminding ourselves about our at-least-a-year-pact!
B calls her BAT cause thats her initials... poor kid!

Day 5 [July 7]

We spent the day just visiting with B's great-grandma who is 94 and still living in her own house and still drives, and probably better than most people! She is an amazing woman, refusing to just 'roll over and die' {which she claims will happen if she were to move into a home!} Her tv wasn't working right anymore so we took her to town and helped her buy a new one. Then we brought it back to the house and B set is up for her and then showed her how to work the remote. It was so cute to watch the two of them interact!

Later that evening B's aunt came into town and we had dinner with B's cousin and family again that night! We were going to try to and go over to their house to see the new baby's room but the weather turned ifey so we decided to just stay at his grandma's instead.
on our way to grandma's house they had this tank on display where we stopped for gas.

Day 6 [July 8] 

We made the trek home and made it safe and sound! We really enjoyed the time together and the time visiting with family and friends! What an amazing and surprisingly relaxing trip.

The end!

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