Friday, June 20

Flank Steak in a wine and mushroom sauce...

What a day!

I stayed home from work today and got a tiny taste of when I'll be able to stay home full time!!

I am looking forward to that so much but also understand that God has placed us both where we need to be for the time being. I am so thankful for the encouraging glimpse He gave me today, but I must press forward with the task He has equiped and prepared me for right now. Not only do I long to follow God's plan in my life and marriage, but I also want to be supportive of B and his future job change (hopefully with in the next year). He so deeply desires to become a fire fighter and is taking all the steps necessary (schooling and physical training) to get ready! If he needs me to work in order to help support us while he is transitioning, I'll glad do what I need to do, even if my heart is in staying home and caring for our family.

So my day was filled with the realization of how much a full time job it is to be working in the home! How my mama did it with 3 kids just amazes me! I am developing a new admiration for stay at home mom's. God bless 'em!

The time sure flies by...

I started my morning with doing my bible study... it's sooooo good I went ahead, since I didn't have a time crunch like usual. After I got up and I around I began to tidy and clean up from room to room. Throw in some laundry and vacuuming. Then I ran to the store for bread making ingredients... so I could bake B some bread in our bread machine!! (He loves that thing!) Then I got dinner going in the crock pot (WOW! I'm so proud of myself and how it turned out! B had three helpings :) ) Meanwhile I baked up some cookies, since that was his request since I would be home all day. Did some more laundry, cleaned the bathrooms and dusted our bedroom furniture. I got to do some more organizing and meshing of our stuff. That has all been slow coming since we work full time all week and want to spend our weekends together.

Over all, I would rate the day a 10. Although I spent the whole day doing some kind of work, the time flew and I got a lot accomplished... and now B and I have a whole weekend all to ourselves to hang out and do what we want instead of having to clean the house and organize! Thank goodness for sick leave!!

We also got a little teaser from our photographer today! Here's what he sent us so far... there are about 1,000 to come!

Our guest book table.

My dress and shoes before I got dressed.

B's cuff links.

You may now kiss the bride!

This one is my favorite!!!

And this one is B's favorite. So far...

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