Tuesday, June 24

One month down...

So today marks exactly one month from our wedding day! Small baby steps, right?! We think so. When we were engaged we decided that once we were married we were going to celebrate the little things, the milestones along our journey so we keep the excitement going! It doesn't happen on its own, relationships take work! You only get out what you put in.

Tonight we are going to make dinner when we get home from work and then we are going to treat ourselves to a Coldstone! Nothing fancy but what the heck! We can always think of a reason for ice cream!!

But seriously, I do like the idea of keeping the romance going and why not! It will be a long road ahead if we aren't even enjoying it. Every year we plan to make it a point to celebrate our anniversary. No matter how 'small' the celebration is we are going to make a big deal out of it! Our pastor at church who married us gave us the idea of taking turns surprising each other each year. Since B planned our honeymoon I get to pick next years!

{Any ideas....?!}

I am truely blessed to be married to the most romantic man in the world! (Sorry ladies, it's true he's taken!) He has gone out of his way to help me around the house, and doing things he didn't even do when he was living on his own! He tells me it's just as much his responsibility as mine since we are both working full-time jobs right now. And he encourages me to the things I want to do, for example I really want to do more entertaining! Not anything fancy, just open our home to people hanging out and fellowshiping. We live so close to our church and it would perfect for the high schoolers or other young adults our age to come over after service or to hang out on Saturday night. And he is all about it and even helps me come up with new ideas of how to plan stuff!

I love him so much! Even more so than I did just 31 days ago...

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