Wednesday, June 18

Love and Respect... kinda like Waffles and Spaghetti...

In our 25 days of being married what have we learned so far:

1. Chicken doesn't cook well in a crock pot.
2. Changing your name isn't as fun as it sounds.
3. Just because wedding gifts are still coming in the mail doesn't mean you should wait til they stop to start writing thank you notes.
4. If you lose your cell phone and go out and buy a new iPhone... the old one will show up!
5. Jelly fish sting.
6. Other people were right when they said the first year will be tough (we have only been in the first month and hit some bumps!), but they were wrong about where the problems would be.
7. God at the center makes all things work out the way they should.
8. Our weekends don't become freer and less stressful, now that the wedding is over.
9. We have to MAKE time for just each other.
10. A budget is key. Making one that you both agree on is the challenge.
11. We can't jump in to a ministry at church just because the wedding is over. There is still alot of settling in left to do.
12. It's probably not to helpful for our relationship to share our disagreements with anyone else.
13. Offering to give a back rub or foot massage (instead of having to ask) is help to keeping the romance up.
14. Checking pockets before doing the laundry is important. Unless you like having melted chewing gum in dryer.
15. Do the fun things (like camping and hiking) now while the weather is nice. We can paint the walls when it's cold outside.
16. Keep your hobbies. Take interest in each others hobbies.
17. Embrace each others families. Their your family now too.
18. Sharing space means we can no longer just throw our clothes on the floor.
19. COUPONS!! They rock!
20. Riding to work together (or even better, riding a bike to work together) saves money!

And the most important thing we have learned so far is:

***Communication is the most important aspect of a relationship. Gotta have it. Along with that guys need/crave respect as much as women need/crave love. Other wise you end up on the 'Crazy Cycle'.**** (read Love and Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs to find out more.)

Stay tuned for more lessons learned...

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