Friday, June 13

Another day... another $0.25...

B and I were ready for our first real weekend together since we have been married and home. The weekend before last weekend we both had to work because we had drill. And the week after drill is so draining - being here for 6 days straight (4 of those days being 10 hr days). We had the rest of the week before last week off after we returned from our honeymoon, but it was mostly spent adjusting from jet lag and doing laundry. So we had to get all of our gifts put away and really settle into the house and make it ours.

The house has been a bachlor pad for quite awhile, roommates moving in and out. Now B has his last 'roommate'. :) And she is hanging curtains and painting walls! We will be sure and post before and after pictures of our progress as we go so you can all join in.

As for the both of us adjusting to living together, I think it's going pretty well. No fighting or arguing so far! The time just flies and each evening we come home from work and fix dinner. We talk about our day and do the dishes together. Then we usually shower and maybe do a few things around the house. Sometimes we watched a movie. But before we know it it's after 10! And that is late when you have to be up at 5 to work a 10 hour day...

Our sleeping in the same bed has had to adjust a little bit too since I am used to sleeping in my own queen bed, and that means in the middle... B wakes up to me pushing him off the edge of the bed! Poor thing... I just told him to snuggle up to me and keep pushing me back to my side.

I am so excited that I finally got our kitchen all put away and completely organized!! That is a huge relief as our lives center around the kitchen and when it's chaotic then I feel so overwhelmed and stressed out. But all of our new appliances and toys are in their own spot and I am loving it!

After we get the kitchen all settled in, B and I went to his grandparents house to visit and they wanted to give us our wedding gift from them... we got a standing mixer!!!!! I know we will use it. Everyone I know who has one uses the heck out of it so I'm thrilled to be able to use it and have easier clean up.

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