Saturday, June 28

Plan B...

We have been planning for the last couple of weeks to go on a camping trip this weekend and got pretty much geared up for it... then this morning we checked the weather of where we were going to be staying in the mountains and it was 40% chance of thunderstorms and scattered rain...

So it came down to risking it or maybe just waiting a couple more weeks til the weather gets the rain out of it's system (if it does...)... We did have a few camping tools to get that we didn't have yet... so we decided to wait.

Instead we went down to REI (for those of you who don't know what that is, it is a HUGE candy store for anyone who loves the outdoors!) and found out they were having a 'Garage Sale' (just a big sale really) and since their stuff is pretty pricey we took full advantage of the discounts :)

We got a double sleeping bag for one! A couple of other gadgets: a LED lantern, water filtering system, a mess kit (cooking set), B got some rain gear and I got a new pair of hiking shoes!! Overall we felt like we made out pretty well and now we are more excited than ever to get out and put our new gear to use!!

Here is a few pics of B playing with his new toys:

Spork anyone?!

Our new mess kit... so compact!!

The double wide sleeping bag!

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