Monday, April 21

{ Shower of love }

I apologize for the tremendous delay in updating everyone on how the shower went! This last week was a crazy one to say the least... With me being out of town for a conference in Reno all last week to this weekend B and I redid our upstairs guest bathroom (from texture to paint to new fixtures...), we are pooped but so excited!!! [only 33 days...]

So the shower was beautiful!
My maid of honor, Rachael Fricke, along with a few other wonderful ladies { Sheryl, Krista, Tiffany & Manny} planned a shower that was amazing and fit me perfectly!

Everything was very girly and delicately decorated... These were the strawberry green tea drinks they made {minus the green tea here}.

They also served hot tea and little snack foods like cheeses, crackers, olives and bite size cheese cakes!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't have asked for more! ; )

Most of everyone invited was able to make it! There were just a couple out of towners that weren't able to make it. But I was so blessed with a very special guest who made the trip: my mama!! I am so happy she was able to come and be a part of the festivities. Total there were 17 people there. Which made for a lot of fun when we played the games....

The first game the girls had them play was where they had a tray with all different types of candies and they teams had to come up with a story/poem about B and I using all the different names. It was hilarious and so cute. I kept them all to put in my memory book!

Another game they played was Toilet Paper Bride... were each team had to dress up a person in a bridal gown... only using TP!!! Then their person had to walk the run way while B's grandma Alice and I judged and picked the best one!
Katie: just gorgeous!
And Sarah... marvalous!
Abby! So dramatic... so chic!

When it came time to open my gifts the girls handed out papers with a bingo board on it, but it was blank! They had to fill it in with what they thought I would get and then who ever got a bingo would get a prize!! I thought that was creative and my bible study leader, Tiffany won! She's so smart ; )

B's mom, aunt and cousin {my other b-maid} waiting to see what I would get.Trying to break the ribbon... {you know what that means ; ) }

After opening gifts, they had one more game to play... this time it was all on me! They had asked Brandon some questions and now it was time to see how well I really knew my soon-to-be... for every one I got wrong I had to chew a piece of bubble gum!
And then I had to try and blow a bubble...

Besides all the wonderful games and the spectacular food, I couldn't have asked for a better, more wonderful group of ladies to shower me!

Krista & RachaelMe and mama!
Katie and Tiffany!
My sweet girls!
And finally, the ribbon bouquet Krista made me out of all the ribbons from my gifts!

Overall, I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day and shower! {Except having the few of you there that couldn't make it... See you in a month though!!} Thank you all so much for the wonderful gifts and cards. Love you all!!

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