Sunday, February 24

We have been quite the busy newly-weds to be! We started addressing our invitations this weekend and plotted out the reception site for where we will put tables and such. In another two weeks we will be meeting with the photographer to do engagement pictures and get ideas for where to shoot for the big day!

We also found some one to do our cake and flowers! She is a neighborhood artist and has come with many recommendations! I've seen pictures of her work and its fabulous! Although she hasn't done many wedding cakes yet she is confident in her ability and so are we. But the plus side is she is going to offer us a discount on the cake if she can use the pictures of it in her portfolio!

And she does real and silk flowers as well! I had an idea for my flowers to honor my grandmother who passed away just two years ago. She was my best friend and biggest fan and I still can't believe she won't be here for my most special day. But she loved flowers and she loved gardening and I just really want to have her remembered always and I thought a really neat way to do that would be to have one purple (or yellow) iris just off centered in my all white bridal bouquet. Then she would be in every picture and with me the whole time! I know she would love that so much!

Both my dress and B's ring came in! I have an appointment next Tuesday to see the seamstress to have my dress altered. It's just a little big in the top but otherwise fits perfect!! I'm so excited :)

We have all of our music picked out for the ceremony and the reception so now we just have to go down and plan what will be played when so our 'DJ' can get set up.

Only 88 days!!! {But whos counting right?!}

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