Saturday, January 26

Better Tunes, Times & Teaching

Yesterday was B & my first day of getting back in the groove of things. Our schedules have been off as our bodies are still trying to adjust to the 10hour time difference! We have both been having difficulty sleeping the whole night. I usually wake up around 4 or 5 am and am WIDE awake. B hasn't had a lot of trouble just going back to sleep.
We were so excited to get started back up again on our homework for our pre-marriage counseling! It's actually a lot of fun and we have learned so much about each other. Not to mention the training we are getting for the times that could be difficult ahead. Our pastor is awesome to work with and really cares about our relationship, both with the Lord and with each other. B & I both feel so strongly about setting ourselves up for success and it's been a pretty interesting experience as well! We have about 2-3 more sessions before the big date!!
The other task we tackeled yesterday was listening to songs and narrowing down what to play and when... In 2 1/2 hrs we managed to pick out our prelude songs {the tunes to set the mood right before the ceremony is starting... you know, the ones that tell you you better find your seat cause we want to get started!!} In that time I think we listened to somewhere close to 50 songs! After we narrowed it down to four songs we thought, 'man we are pooped!'
Who knew just picking the music would be so tireing! Let alone dancing to it!
ps the movie hairspray is pretty cute!

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