Monday, March 16

Baby Enjoy’s Opera! Boy Or Girl??

Yesterday was my birthday ‘Day’ since we had to work on my actual birthday. And {big surprise!} my husband had a few surprises up his sleeve :)
On Friday evening, when I got home from work {I’m working a day shift and B is working a night shift since he is also going to school full time} and found a note on my pillow with a map! It said that I had to be at this location on Sunday morning at 9:30 to start my birthday ‘Day’!!
I already knew we were going to get dressed up and go out to dinner on Sunday evening, those were plans rescheduled from V-day. {We weren’t able to go on our date because of work schedules.} So Sunday morning I awoke so excited for my surprise!! But I also woke with a terrible tummy ache that even tums wouldn’t help. I was in a lot of pain and decided that I better not go because I wanted to actually enjoy whatever this wonderful surprise was.
B is so loving and understanding and patient that he said ‘No problem, babe.’ He called and rescheduled for next Monday, so I still get to enjoy my birthday ‘Month’ instead of just ‘Day’!! He also felt bad enough about how I was feeling to tell me he had booked a spa package at the Ritz-Carlton downtown!!! I was going to get a prenatal massage, a facial, pedicure and manicure!!!
Ok… so after he told me THAT… I was really not liking my tummy! But again, I wanted to enjoy it not be miserable through it. And he wanted the same. The ladies at the spa were very understanding as well.
So I got the tummy ache under control {only took 4 hours!} and we had lunch and took a nap together. Around 4:30 we got all dolled up and about 5:15 headed downtown for a wonderful dinner at the Radizio Grill. It’s a Brazilian grill resturant and it was delicious!
The place is pretty unique too. First they have a salad bar with a lot of different things on it and it’s all you can eat. Then they bring you out appetizers of different kinds of breads and fried bananas! When your done eating salad and appetizers, you have this little salt-shaker looking thing and it’s green on one side and red on the other. When you are ready to have meat, you turn it so the green side is up and all these guys walk around with skewers of all kinds of meat cooked in delicious ways. They stop at your table and ask if you would like some. If you do then they put a shaving on your plate, if you don’t they keep going. When you are done eating or want to take a break, you turn the shaker thing so red is facing up. It was sooooo good! My favorite was the Beef tender grilled with parmesan cheese! Yum :)
Then we had a little dessert since it was birthday! When we were done we went out to the car and B asked me to look in the glove compartment for his glasses… They weren’t in there, but there was a note that said, ‘Hope you enjoy these! Happy Birthday’ and it was two tickets for the broadway Phantom of the Opera!! I was sooo surprised and excited :)
I had seen the movie and I wasn’t that impressed but that’s because the movie just doesn’t do the real thing any justice at all!! It was incredible! I say babycakes enjoyed it but I’m not 100%, there was a lot of squirming… or dancing! I noticed that when the guys sang, since it was lower, there wasn’t much movement. But when those ladies sang, baby was just bouncing around in there! It was fun even though.
Thank you my wonderful, amazing husband for taking such amazing care of your undeserving wife. I love you so very much! {Only a couple more weeks til I get to spoil you for your birthday!!}
All dressed up for a night on the town!
Not the best quality with the window in the back but I wanted to show off my cute prego dress, also a part of my b-day gift!

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