Sunday, March 22

Super Baby Food, Vaccines, Breastfeeding And More…

Those of you who don’t know me too well, I’m a reader and I love to know everything I can about something before I make a decision or form an opinion on it. I want to have ALL the information I can because I don’t want to miss out on anything or look back and wish I’d done something differently if I’d only known better.
The three books I’ve been going back a forth on have been so helpful and full of information! I wanted to share about them. Since this is my pregnancy/baby blog and they are all baby related.
The first one I’m so excited about is called Super Baby Food and it’s a book about the stages of transitioning your baby from breast milk/formula to solids. She explains that breast milk contains all the essential parts to a baby’s diet and once you begin to supplement it with solids you are naturally weening your baby off of breast milk and the most beneficial diet the baby needs at that age. Therefore don’t make that decision lightly. There are also signs your baby will show when it’s ready to eat solids {such as taking an interest in other people eating, the baby is able to sit up on it’s own and move away from a spoon if it doesn’t want any more food, and that it’s able to bring an object in it’s hand up to its mouth, just to name a few.}
The book also includes recipes for homemade baby food! And provides a guide for what foods to introduce at what stage to help with deciphering food allergies and also to aid in the babies growing and developing digestive system.
I’m trying to take in as much of the information now as I know my time for leisure reading will be less and less once baby cakes actually arrives!
The second book was also very informative! It’s all about the vaccines that they will try to give to my baby when it’s first born and through out the first year. I like knowing that I can chose not to have my baby vaccinated because the risk of harm from the vaccine itself may be greater than the disease or virus it’s ‘preventing’. Some of the vaccines have been linked to causing adverse side affects in children because their little bodies reject the vaccine. Autism is not yet proven but there are scary increases in these cases as the number of vaccines required have increased for babies under the age of 1. Even childhood asthma has been linked to side effects of various vaccines given to children at such a young age, where their little bodies are in a critical developing stage!
The book provides information on each vaccine that will be offered to my baby. It explains the disease it’s ‘preventing’ and the risk of actually obtaining the virus. Then it explains the vaccine and how it’s made {most of them are stored in mercury!} and what the known effects have been on different people. It leaves you with the decision of whether or not you want to risk the effects of the vaccine or risk the chances of your baby or child obtaining a virus that has been obsolete in the western hemisphere for over 2 decades! {that is Polio vaccine.}
The bottom line with this book is that it isn’t an all or nothing gig. The book educates the reader on each vaccine individually and then you are left to decide which you are going to expose your baby to. She doesn’t stop there though. IF you decide to do any of the vaccines, she suggests the age at which you do it so to hopefully lower the risk of exposing a foreign organism to your baby’s developing system.
This is a must read for anyone considering whether or not to vaccinate their baby.
The last book I’ve been reading up on is all about breast feeding. I don’t need to say much about it {I’ll spare my male readers ;P} but I’m so excited to experience this natural and healthy way of nurturing my baby, just the way God intended.

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