Friday, March 27

New Doc

Yesterday was our 24 week check up and it was our first regular appointment with the new doctor. We switched OB offices mostly because the attitude of the other office was gloomy and rude 90% of the time! Seriously, the way the nurse treated me each time, you would have thought I have been diagnosed with a disease, not having have a baby!
Not only was she depressing but she was rude and if I had questions she treated me like ‘Why in the world would you ask that?!’ She also told me after I had first started to feel the baby move that it was too early, there was no way I could be feeling it… I decided to look for a new office.
I understand that not EVERY one is going to be jumping up and down excited about me having my first baby, they work in an office with prego ladies coming in every single day. But the fact that you get to come to work and see the miracle of a life being formed INSIDE of another human being should seem to be something that could put you in a good mood! I can consider that someone is having a bad day or something, but this was the way it was every single appointment for the last 6 months.
Any who, I asked around and got a refferal for an other office we B and I went in for a consultation visit to see how the office was, not just the dr., but the nurse the receptionist, EVERY one!
What a difference it was! The nurse actually acted happy and excited for us and she was very sweet and welcomed all of our questions!
The Dr. at the other office wasn’t the best either. If we had questions she seemed to be on the defense about them. They weren’t personal questions either. They were questions of curious NEW parents who have never done this before and just want to have an idea of what to expect! The whole office’s attitude seemed to expect us to come in for our appointment and do what we were told to do. No questions, just do it. We weren’t happy with that at all!
The new Dr. however, when we came in for the consult, she answered every question we had and never felt defensive or like we shouldn’t have asked. She explained in detail the things we wanted to know and assured us that the other Dr.’s in the practice believed the same.
Yesterday when we saw her again she was just as cheery as the last time and even remembered we were taking Bradley classes. She asked how they were going and if we had any questions about what we had learned so far. It was so opposite the other office, I think B and I are so glad that we decided to make the switch!

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