Wednesday, March 17

Taste of Spring

We went to the park today. It wasn't E's first time to the park though, we went to one right by our house on Monday afternoon. It was a little chillier then and she couldn't do much on the equipment, being so little still.

The park we went to today was a lot bigger and even has a spray park that will be open this summer! I really loved the park, even though it was a drive from where we live.

We had fun, but it was a little disappointing to learn that cupcake doesn't really like to swing, or even sit in the swing, or be with in feet of the swing. I'm not really sure why! But that's all she would really be able to do as far as the equipment goes.

We ended up on a blanket taking in the grass and wood chips sunshine. I didn't take a camera and so therefore have nothing to show for our morning at the park... Sad day.

Actually we haven't taken much of any pictures lately. I'm not sure why except we just don't think to do it. To be honest it's hard to remember to grab one more thing on the way out the door and little lady is quite the busy lady, always on the move it seems, so I don't often think Darn, this would be a good picture moment. But I'm afraid I'm going to look back on a period of time and be missing pictures to document. Better get on it!

On another note, the sickness from this pregnancy has been SO much more manageable this week. I keep expecting to be sick when I smell or eat certain things but I just don't. I do feel blah on and off through out the day, and terribly exhausted. But I feel like this might be a little (dare I say a lot) easier this time. We shall see!

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