Thursday, September 30

P is for play.

I had to show off a project I put together for the new baby!

It's a texture play mat! Each "pie" piece is a different material: fleece, bumpy fleece, satin, terry cloth, velour-ish, and 3 cotton pieces with print.

On most of the "pie" pieces there are elements that baby can explore, feel, tug or just drool on :).

I'm particularly proud of myself given that the project was labeled 'intermediate' and the directions were very vague. I had a few bumps and hurdles, but I finished it less than 4 hours! 

Now we just need baby to get here so he or she can play!

Until then...

Big sister doesn't mind breaking it in!

And while we are on the subject of play, Little Lady is one who plays hard. She doesn't show fear for anything it seems. When she starts getting hyper she is twirling around the room or throwing her whole body up against the couch and bouncing off. She loves it and it only gets her going more!

In the last couple days she has managed to, shall we say earn, a few 'battle wounds'....

The one under her chin she got while playing in the nursery at church on Sunday. They said she had a run in with the mat and it left her a pretty good mark!

She also has a scrape under her eye that she got from practically throwing herself off of the couch in one of her hyper spells. Just moments before she fell I was thinking how rowdy she was getting and that she was probably going to fall, and then not even moments later she went face first on to the floor. :( 

Niether boo-boo seems to bother her too much but she sure looks pretty beat up. What can I say she's one tough little girl!!

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